Fail to deliver a ‘clean-break’ from EU & we’ll make sure you’re finished, Brexit Party warns BoJo

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The chair of the Brexit Party has threatened Boris Johnson that if he fails to deliver a ‘no-deal’ exit from the EU, his party will make sure that his time as UK prime minister will be even shorter than predecessor Theresa May’s.

Richard Tice, who also represents the Brexit Party in Strasbourg as an MEP, issued the stark warning to Johnson on Thursday via social media. He insisted that Nigel Farage’s party and PM Johnson could be “best friends or worst enemies,” and urged him to abandon May’s “dodgy deal.”

Earlier, in an interview with the BBC, Brexit Party leader Farage claimed that Johnson’s Tories “cannot win an election” in any snap poll if his party stands against him.

Farage did however appear to offer an olive branch to the prime minister, saying that if a “non-aggression pact” were to be formed then “with a clear policy [at a general election], we’d be unstoppable.”



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