Fake Missile Comparison – No, there is not a rocket in the “inverted” video footage of Beirut

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by fightingflower

How do you know that the “fake” video is fake ?

  1. Inverting the color does not reveal anything in the footage, it just changes the colors of everything in the frame. So if the rocket was there in the original, you would still see it in the original. But–it can be used to hide any sort of visual effects (that aren’t high quality or good). Some posts were also claiming this was a thermal camera, but it’s just inverted footage. You can tell by applying an invert effect in a video editing software (after effects).
  2. There is no motion blur on the rocket. As another poster described there would be a lot of visual distortion on an object that is moving that fast due to shutter speed. The rocket is too sharp looking when you slow it to frame by frame.
  3. On the frame before the explosion, the rocket disappears from the frame instead of breaking apart or compressing upon impact.

Hope this helps!


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