Fake News and The Lying Mainstream Media Will Tank The Economy With Its Obsession Over Crucifying Trump

by Robert Carbery

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Trump is not Hitler and nowhere near a threat to our democracy. The checks and balances are in full effect and not under assault.
But you won’t hear that narrative watching the mainstream media and cable news or reading The New York Times or Washington Post.
The media are continuing to attack Trump day after day, posting stories with one or maybe two unnamed sources that later turn out to be false, all in their dedication to take down the Donald. This is borderline terrorism and it is becoming a drag on our already fragile economy.
The U.S. dollar index has slid to a 6-month low amid worries over Trump disclosing highly classified information to Russia’s foreign minister. The hysteria over Trump and Russia is boiling over as the mainstream media and the political establishment are doing anything they can to dethrone our duly elected president.
Both National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who were both in the meeting, said there was nothing inappropriate leaked in the meeting to the Russians. Nothing illegal was done. This was yet another fake news story that the Left is now melting down over.
The Deep State, consisting of former and current intelligence officials and other powerful members in the federal government, are feeding to the media the falsehood that Trump is mentally unstable. They view our current president as a threat to them and their way of life because he won’t fall in line.
Trump confidant Roger Stone declared with Alex Jones recently that the ultimate accusation to come will be that the Donald has Alzheimer’s and it is progressing rapidly. There is no evidence of this being the case, but the media is certainly attempting to advance a narrative of a madman in charge of the country.
Still, according to the 25th Amendment, if a majority of Trump’s cabinet and Vice President Pence agree that the president is “incapacitated,” then he may be removed from office forcibly. If Trump fights this removal, then he must appeal to the House of Representatives, where Trump has some friends but not enough. The liberals and defenders of the status quo could not beat Donald Trump at the ballot box so now they are attempting to remove him by claiming he is insane.
Gotta make up stories to do that.
Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently railed against the hysterical media that continues to degrade itself over its hatred of Trump. He pointed to the recent inexplicable statement by Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinksi who said on air how Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s spokesperson during the campaign, said she felt gross and needed to take a shower after defending Trump on their show. This was said off camera – Carlson has never seen this done before, revealing a private conversation for political purposes.
91% of Washington DC voted for Trump last fall and that number is similar if not higher for the members of the mainstream media. Our journalists and talking heads are beating the ‘Trump is unstable’ drum. They have succumbed to their intense hatred of him and it has blinded their judgment. Trump is now seen as the single greatest threat to democracy. But on what grounds?
Facts are frivolous to liberals who view Trump as Hitler. These same liberals and supposed lovers of democracy are the same individuals who were calling for the Republican nomination to be taken from Trump despite being elected by the people. These are the same people whose very party is rigged to favor establishment candidates like Mrs. Clinton over an outsider like Mr. Sanders.
Hatred has blinded our news organizations and this is most glaringly seen in Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.
What a week for The Washington Post! After posting a fake report last week about how Comey asked for more funds to investigate Trump before he was fired that was refuted by the Department of Justice, the paper doubled down and put out another fake news story about how Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein threatened to resign after being blamed for recommending the firing of Comey.
They would not lose a stride this week though. The Post broke the story on Monday detailing how Trump divulged top secret information to the Russians during last week’s meeting, an action not illegal at all and mischaracterized then overblown by the one-sided media in its attempt to craft the fateful narrative for President Trump. The Washington Post did not speak to any U.S. official present at that meeting, citing former intelligence officials for the story.
After McMaster and Tillerson’s denials of any wrongdoing, will they learn from their mistakes?
This kind of spin from our media is destructive and will derail the economy. What will it take for them to realize that they are being tuned out due to their lack of honest and objective reporting?
Fake news has become a part of our lives and it is our job to decipher what is real and what is not.

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