False Alarm Or Inbound Missile – President Trump Fights The Deep State – Playing With Fire.

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by Ruby Henley
I am sure you have asked yourself just how likely it is that Hawaii had a false alarm missile alert, and several days later Japan had the same type of alert.  Think carefully, and don’t let them think for one minute you believe this is a coincidence.  Authorities in Hawaii said someone working in the facility hit the button while showing it to a news crew.  Later the staff member was reassigned. Please…how ignorant do they think we are?
There is one strange fact about the “news crew” report.  NBC News was, in fact, there 24 hours before the incident occurred.  They were on a tour of the Hawaiian facility.  The US Military has more assets in Hawaii than any other place in the world.  If a missile did, in fact, hit Hawaii, it would be a great loss to the United States of America.  The security of our Country depends on the security of the military. Accidents do not have a place within our military.   
The official report out of Tokyo went like this:  “— Japan’s public broadcaster mistakenly sent an alert Tuesday warning citizens of a North Korean missile launch and urging them to seek immediate shelter, then minutes later corrected it, days after a similar error in Hawaii.
NHK television issued the message on its internet and mobile news sites as well as on Twitter, saying North Korea appeared to have fired a missile at Japan. It said the government was telling people to evacuate and take shelter.
The false alarm came just days after Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency sent a mistaken warning of a North Korean missile attack to mobile phones across the state, triggering panic.
NHK said the mistake was the result of an error by a staff member who was operating the alert system for online news, but did not elaborate. NHK deleted the tweet and text warning after several minutes, issued a correction and apologized several times on air and on other formats.”
Neat and tidy, aren’t they?  They give out their little reports, and act like it is no big deal.  It is a big deal!  People were putting their children in storm drains.  The sheer terror that was experienced in Hawaii and in Japan could have caused heart attacks. Can you imagine the chaos of people trying to rush home to be with their families?  
The following video is very informative in explaining the entire process of launching a nuclear missile, and believe me it is very important you understand that it is not as easy as accidentally pushing a button.  It entails a procedure which several people must follow, come together to compare separate codes, and only after intricate readings, do they “push the button,” which actually is not a button at all.  The procedure involves the reading and comparison of codes.  Just watch the video.

Consider the following from:  wonderfulengineering.com/these-are-the-steps-involved-in-launching-a-nuclear-missile/
“Launching a nuclear missile is actual rocket science and clearly not a simple one. Rockets launched for space missions have far more freedom than any kind of weapon used in a war. These missiles need not be launched from a very visible space, and the launch needs to happen at a notice of only a few minutes. When they are equipped with nuclear warheads, it makes everything 100 times more complicated.
The crew around the missile silo, the hole underneath the ground for launching the missile has to be very vigilant, and fully prepared to fire up a missile at any time but they also need to make sure that it is never launched by accident. Seriously, that is an accident the world can not afford.”
Now, don’t try to tell me that two accidents happened in two different locations several days apart.  I don’t believe it.
If the incidents in Hawaii and Japan were not accidental, then that makes them intentional.  With this statement, we are literally opening up the doors to hell.  Lets look around and see what is there.
Lets look behind this door:  Was a nuclear missile attack on Hawaii thwarted by a secret space program?  Good question, and it is definitely one we must consider at this point.
On a lazy Saturday morning of January 13, residents of the Hawaiian Islands woke up to a 8:07 message on their cell phones:

Taken from:  exonews.org/was-a-nuclear-missile-attack-on-hawaii-thwarted-by-a-secret-space-program/
“This is not a drill.”  I don’t believe it was either.
Then after what must have seemed like forever, but was only 38 minutes, residents were notified by the emergency alert system that it was all a “false alarm.”

False alarm, really?
According to local State authorities, someone had just pressed the wrong button. But residents were told to rest assured this person would be reassigned.  Another peculiar fact is the emergency alert system in Hawaii is the best in the United States.  It has always provided timely and accurate information to Hawaii residents in life threatening circumstances.  This was an unusual and queer incident that the Hawaiian people were not used to.  Of course, they believed it to be true, and it is a miracle no one died from the panic that ensued.
Also, it took 38 minutes to issue and update to the false alarm…why so long if it was simply an error?  What were they waiting for?
One must remember the system is designed to prevent a mistake such as this:

  1. There is no “button” that could be accidentally hit.
  2. There are five fail safe procedures in the system.
  3. The last is a two key system such as present in US missile silos and on US nuclear submarines.
  4. Two keys, eight feet apart, requiring two different individuals to trigger the alert together.

So what are we looking at here?  There are some in alternative media who believe an intercepted nuclear missile attack actually occurred.  
There was an anomaly detected on January 12 in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.  Some say the launches originated from the same anomaly detected on the 12th.
The story goes that the missiles were immediately intercepted and destroyed.  How?  I will talk about that later.
The anomaly was revealed to be a nuclear stealth submarine.  The same submarine was located and destroyed after the attempted attack.
Lets talk about the fact that the Government and Elon Musk’s Space-X announced recently they have successfully launched a Falcon-9 rocket from their Florida launch pad.  The Zuma spacecraft has been launched in unison with President Trump, Elon Musk, the Air Force, and NASA.  It has a top-secret payload, so we have no idea what its mission is.
So in saying the above, how do we know that President Trump and the Deep State are not embroiled in such a war that might trigger the events in Hawaii and Japan?  You may think this is a stretch, but after watching the following video you may not.
The video is done by former Army LTC Roy Potter.  He was in the military of 28 years.  He served in various Military Police and Military Intelligence positions around the globe.  He was also a municipal police officer for about 3 years.  This background enables him to bring unique experiences, training, education, and spiritual insights to bear in analyzing important issues and trends in the US and the world.

I know it is not easy to get the time to watch these videos, but this one is very important; however, I am going to give you a synopsis.
First of all, I have not followed “Q” Anon.  Roy Potter has, but after November of 2017 he began to feel Q was no longer the same entity.  However, before that time he had no doubt that Q was involved in fighting the Deep State with President Trump.
Q made many predictions and revealed many secrets that were eventually validated, and it was believed he was inside the Intelligence community.
However, when Q made a remark about “Defcon 1” a few weeks before the incidents in Hawaii and Japan, things began to look suspicious…and not in a good way if you know what I mean.  Think about that.
Then when some in YouTube community started to question and disagree with Q certain threats were made.  This is a very uncomfortable subject for me, and if you truly want to know more about that, you need to watch some of Roy Potter’s videos.  
This is a very frightening situation he speaks about, and frankly I am very worried for our Country.
Potter believes that President Trump is in such a war with the Deep State they actually launched a missile at Hawaii, hoping…this is hard to believe…the attack would look like it came from North Korea.  Trump would be blamed, and it would help their cause.  Forget about the number of people destroyed.
Another scenario, I have heard is the missile launch was done by a rogue submarine from China.
At this point, I don’t know, but I do not for one minute believe these alerts were accidents or coincidences.
Potter reminded us that an Argentina submarine had been missing some time ago, along with nuclear arsenal from the United States.  Remember that?
God bless America.

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9 thoughts on “False Alarm Or Inbound Missile – President Trump Fights The Deep State – Playing With Fire.

  1. Good article. However I git the impression you are comparing the launch procedure to an unknown missile inbound notification. If so, the notification may just result in flipping up a switch cover and holding it for say 10 seconds. Most likely a second one would be required in another area so at a minimum one person could not activate both switches at the same time. Just a guess using army armament switchology.
    Good point to add the Charleston, was it missing Nukes from 3 o 5years ago. Some conspiracy nuts say they were stolen to kick of WWIII also but was stopped by the good guys. Who knows.
    I have had two separate individuals tell me that they intercepted and neutralized nukes inbound to the USA over a dozen years ago.
    Also look up General Lepod. He was the General in charge of the USSR and then the Russian Confederation’s nukes. In 1992 he said he was missin 4 man pack nukes, then in 1996 he was missin 142. The Ukraine government about 8 years ago said they were missin 43 Multiple warheads with nukes that got sold to Iran. Who knows?
    I do know the US gubermint said there was no such thing as Man Pack Nukes even tough I had a familiarization course on them with their Field Manual back in the late 1970s..

    • Mac, I don’t know anything about nuclear launches or unknown missile inbound notification. But I know there is no way someone could have set off an alert system as casually as they said it happened. What do you think? First you have Q saying “Defcon 1″….then you have the supposed mistake in Hawaii….then in Japan. No way. All three are connected, and that is a big problem.

      • I agree. There is no way some idiot could double click a computer screen and set off an entire islands notification. So I agree. It most likely was intentional. WHY?
        1. I’d say it is most likely an Obamanite did so to discredit Trump.. This would explain why it took 38 minutes to announce it was an error. What supervisor would just jump in and say it was a false alarm if they were not sure if it was?
        2. It was done as a test run.. Why would it take 38 minutes to rescind the alert when the operator was right there to say it did it by mistake?
        3. An actual missile was detected and it ether was shot down or neutralized in some manner.
        A. It was a NORK Missile
        B. A deep state Globalist one?.
        I’m sure I am not thinkin of other scenarios. So let me just say I believe #1 is most likely with 3B the most unlikely. But, I’m old enough to NOT discount any theory!

  2. Israel-CIA run North Korea and launder the AIPAC billions (U.S. tax-payer revenues) to North Korea to operate their chemical weapons and nuclear facilities there. Erik Schmidt just stepped down (after E.O. announced) and headed to North Korea. Submarine missile de-activated by China. Check out the video from the 2:31:00 min mark:
    Combined with the Q-Anon deciphers by Jerome Corsi.

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