False flag events are a staple of human history. Now that the public is evolving, the nature of the false flag is evolving as well

False Flags & Fake Reality: “False flags” have been going on since before biblical times and are a part of every nation’s policy. Intelligence agencies exist to do little else, they plan and execute false flags to set the course of events. It’s their greatest single tool, and one used most often.

This article argues that false flag events are a staple of human history. Now that the public is evolving, the nature of the false flag is evolving as well:

The real issue isn’t necessarily that events aren’t what they seem. The public is increasingly able to discern this as the internet has allowed, as mainstream media has become less than credible, facts to seep into the public domain.

The only way that can be quashed is through psychological warfare, a form of intellectual “false flag,” taking one accurate story, labeling it a “hoax” and using paid assets to flood the public with increasingly unlikely and childish alternative theories until the truth drowns in a sea of “chatter.”

In fact, recent investigations of Facebook and Google have exposed their role in exactly this, quashing embarrassing truths, banning entire news organizations, “delisting” facts and analysis, and promoting “approved” conspiracy theories.

These programs are massive, and billions are spent on them. When combined with controlled mainstream media and the ability to stage events, perhaps even mass killings and even epic terror events like 9/11, reality loses all form and function. There is little or no risk as the entire culture in the West is predisposed, after decades of intense propagandization, to blame Russia or “radical Muslims” or African Americans, and do so “on cue,” like robots.

The centralization of technology is creating a Brave New World and it’s becoming nearly impossible to break free:

Behind it all is the war for control of reality. Facebook and Google have now become “self-empowered” to define all facts.

To many today, those beginning to reawaken, one question sits, achingly above all others. Will enough awaken to restore sanity and rule of law?


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