Famed Pollster Says Impeachment ‘Backfired’ – Dems ‘Likely’ To Lose House Majority

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During an interview on New York 970 AM radio on Sunday, pollster John McLaughlin said that the Democrat’s impeachment stunt “backfired” and that the GOP will most likely take back the majority of the House in 2020.

“The impeachment backfired,” McLaughlin said during the interview. “The president’s job approval is moving up. … The [polls] that have likely voters, like Rasmussen, they have [Trump’s] job approval at or about 50%. He gets over 50%, he’s going to get reelected, because that’s what Obama had in 2012. He had 51%, got 51% on Election Day. That’s what George W. Bush had in 2004 on Election Day: 51% job approval, was reelected with 51%. That’s why the Democrats are panicking.“


Host of the show John Catsimatidis later asked if the Democrats will lose the majority of the House.

“Yes,” McLaughlin responded. “It’s likely because what they’ve done so far is motivated Trump voters to come back out. … So, those Trump voters come back out in 2020 — the ones who voted for him in 2016 — plus if he broadens his base … the Republicans only need 20 seats to retake the House, and there are already 30 endangered Democrats in those seats. So, it could happen.”

McLaughlin isn’t the only person who is convinced that the impeachment inquiry. Shorlty after President Trump was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial, Oddschecker.com raised President Trump’s chances of winning re-election to 59.99%.


THANKS, NANCY! Rasmussen: 55% of Voters Say Impeachment Made Trump Stronger Politically; Only 16% Say it Weakened Him.



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