FARRAKHAN Exposes ROTHSCHILD Bankers / Banksters and their NEW WORLD ORDER Agenda

Farrakhan succintly lays out the global world order controlled by the privately held “Federal” Reserve Bank.

The Federal reserve controls the money supply and interest rates ultimately controls the stock market.

“Those that create and issue the money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people.”

“The financial doom of a nation brings down the government.

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The financial woahs of this country produce a ripple effect throught the earth. The financial woahs of America are undoing the social fabric of this nation.

The people are grossly dissatisfied with the politics and the politicians of America. The people are wondering how the President and the Congress could loan money to other governments and give money away with the infrastructure of this nation crumbling and the debt is spiraling. How could America give away money when the country is in need. There are millions of homeless people living under bridges!

When America went off the gold and silver standard, her financial doom was sealed. ”

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