Fascinating piece from former CBS News president about how media are too far gone to correct course. Our media are the most powerful and unaccountable political advocacy group in the country.

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WELL, I NEVER! Liberal Media Scream: Media bigs tell Kayleigh McEnany don’t you dare challenge us.

That they’re screaming so much — and that they’re getting support from disgraceful NeverTrumpers — is proof that she’s doing them real harm. If it were bad for Trump, they’d be encouraging it. Personally, I think spoiled, ignorant children should be treated as such. Unless it’s an unpleasant experience to be spoiled and ignorant, they’ll never change.

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AND THE MEDIA IS BURNING WHAT REMAINS OF ITS CREDIBILITY IN ORDER TO TAKE DOWN ORANGEMANBAD. REMEMBER THAT:  Repressive Democrats and ‘Panic Porn’ Media Enable Trump to Run as the “Freedom President”.



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