Fauci says, first ones who’ll get the vaccines are policemen, firefighters, nurses, first responders, the elderly and other risk groups

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How many of you public sector, government workers will be taking the jab? I assume if you won’t take it, you’ll lose your job and even your license as you’ll be spreading the virus per their logic sth

Officials expect 20 million Americans to be vaccinated for COVID-19 by December

Who is first in line for COVID vaccine? New document provides some answers

COVID-19 vaccines, while highly anticipated, are also the subject of much concern.

Doling out hundreds of thousands of vaccines, many of which require multiple doses and some level of refrigeration, begs the question: How, exactly, are can this be pulled off?

A COVID-19 vaccination plan released this week by the state offers a window into what this process might look like in New Hampshire.

Who gets vaccinated first?
COVID-19 vaccines will likely be limited at least within the first couple of months, which means the state will have to decide who gets first dibs on the limited supply.

The state has adopted a four-phase process for distributing the vaccine. Within each phase, the state plans are starting the allocation process in areas with the highest COVID-19 case counts to help contain the spread of the virus.

In phase one, vaccines will go to first responders, including firefighters, police officers and EMS workers, high-risk health workers, and adults living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Next, adults living in overcrowded settings and those who have conditions that put them at “significantly higher risk” for developing a severe case of COVID-19 will have access to the vaccine.

In phase three, children, young adults, and workers in other essential industries will get access to the vaccine. Vaccines become available to everyone else during phase four.


Officials expect 20 million Americans to be vaccinated for COVID-19 by December


Here’s when Dr. Fauci thinks average Americans will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine

We now have a rough estimate of when average Americans can expect to start receiving the coronavirus vaccine, assuming all goes well with the rollout.
White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks ordinary Americans can expect to receive the coronavirus vaccine as soon as April.
If most people take the vaccine, Dr. Fauci also thinks that life could start returning to normal by the end of 2021.

If all goes as planned with the rollout of the first coronavirus vaccines in the US from companies like Pfizer and Moderna, the first Americans will start to be inoculated about a month from now. That’s a group of people that will include health care workers, who obviously need the protection of a vaccine before almost anyone else as a result of putting their lives on the line to care for people sickened by the virus. With COVID-19 cases surging across the US right now, though — Johns Hopkins University says we’re now up to almost 11.6 million since the start of the pandemic — that brings up an obvious question: What about the timing for everyone else?

White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has an answer. And it represents even more great news in what’s proven to be a lightning-fast, record-breaking achievement for scientific progress — bringing a successful vaccine to fruition in less than a year for a novel virus that was only first discovered months ago.


Fauci says the average American could get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as April: ‘I would take the vaccine’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert who has guided the U.S. through the pandemic, projected Americans could expect their first doses of an approved coronavirus vaccine as early as April.

Front-line health care workers are expected to get their first doses by the end of December or early January. After prioritizing people at risk of infection or severe disease, the healthy general population can expect first doses of a vaccine starting in April and through July if all continues on track, Fauci told the USA TODAY Editorial Board on Wednesday.


Most Americans Don’t Trust Trump’s Vaccine Comments: Poll

TUESDAY, Sept. 15, 2020 (Healthday News) — In a sign that Americans are becoming more wary about the safety of a new coronavirus vaccine, a new poll shows a majority of adults don’t trust what President Donald Trump has said on vaccine development.

More than half (52%) of adults said they don’t trust the president’s vaccine comments, the NBC News/Survey Monkey poll found, while just 26% say they do. Twenty percent said they were “not aware” whether they trust what the president has said about a vaccine, NBC News reported.

Those polled were also more skeptical about whether they or their families would get a government-approved coronavirus vaccine if one became widely available, NBC News reported.

The poll’s latest data show that just 39% said they would get it, 23% said they wouldn’t and 36% say they weren’t sure. Just a month ago, 44% of Americans said they would get a government-approved vaccine, 22% said they wouldn’t, and 32% said they weren’t sure.

The highest level of confidence in a coronavirus vaccine came during the week of Aug. 17 to Aug. 23, when 45% polled said they would get a vaccine.


Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed’s vaccine efforts, said the first people in the United States could get vaccinated for COVID-19 next month also said that 80% of Americans should be vaccinated in order for the program, plan to be successful.

Slaoui said the administration’s goal is to distribute an approved vaccine within 24 hours of its approval by the Food and Drug Administration. A committee is expected to meet in December to approve Pfizer’s emergency authorization request for its vaccine candidate, found to be 95% effective in preventing the coronavirus.



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