FB & the Metaverse… Time to Sell?

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by Che74

Seems to me that this re branding and Metaverse hype is really just an attempt to drive attention away from the recent confirmation that FB is actually horrible for our societies. Trying to keep the stock buoyed while deflecting. I’ve never been a heavy user of FB, always found it creepy, but I bought the IPO and bough more when it dropped to the $20 level. Been holding since. Now, I’m thinking of selling. It’s been a good run for FB but their user base isn’t growing with younger people and frankly I’m not sure I want to be invested in a company that is so blatantly bad for humanity. FB is on the verge of becoming like Philip Morris and listening to Zuch today… (he’s just so insincere & unlikable) it’s clear that neither he or FB is interested in addressing the issues. Not to mention the Metaverse is 10y out. I’m disappointed in this company and to quote Kramer (ya, I know) re. the recent FB news “This time just feels different.”

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