FDA Considers Annual Clot Shots

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by Chris Black

The Science is clear.

People were getting sick of being told to take the shots every few months, so now they’re rolling it back to once a year to see if they can get more subscribers.

It’s psycho to imagine that people are still taking these shots after all the information that’s come out about what they are doing to people.

Much of the mainstream media is talking about how deadly they are, and then switching to “but you gotta take ’em tho.”

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The US Food and Drug Administration is weighing whether to recommend annual Covid-19 vaccinations tailored to specific strains, proposing updated shots every year to keep up with newly emerging variants.

In a briefing document published on Monday, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee outlined a new strategy for Covid immunizations, stressing the need to streamline its existing recommendations.

We’ve seen a lot of people regretting taking the shot.

It must just be a total nightmare to have done this to yourself and then have to go around knowing that you could keel over at any moment.


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