Fear and Loathing and the IG Report

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via Shawn Fair:

I’m getting that feeling again, the same one that I felt November 7th, 2012 when Obama won the election. I traveled a bit at that time and felt what I observed in different parts of the country was that the “silent majority” seemed to realize that from 2008 to 2012, nothing was done to improve America, race relations were at an all time low and the people were looking for a change; just not the change from “Mr. Hope and Change.”

The feeling was that of a restricting of my wind pipe, not a life threatening restriction, but one that I had no ability to release myself from that came from the realization that the government was in full control. Resistance is futile.

I remembered the hot mic comment by Obama to the Russian President Medvedev, “I will have more flexibility after the next election” that sent a chill up my spine, telling me that the fix was in and there was nothing I could do about it. November 7th confirmed my suspicion.

Fast forward to today and the release of the IG report that would perp walk all the criminals of the past administration, along with the heads of all the alphabet agencies that were in cahoots with the president to bring down #45. Well, after a few delays and some leaks of how watered down the report would become, we were told maybe not to get your hopes up too high. And then, there it was in all its glory, over 500 pages chock full of bombshell evidence sure to inspire judges to “throw the book at ‘em.” Except that the conclusion with no recommendations to pursue indictments, along with an admission of “incompetence” (not treason or sedition) and no bias show that nothing will come of this latest exercise in futility.

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But wait, there is another report coming down the pike, this one will be super explosive and I’m sure many heads will roll. And look here, we have 500 plus pages of evidence to pour over of the current IG Report to get to the bottom of this mess. Send in the Twitter army, bless their little patriotic hearts, who will now entertain us with months of unmistakable evidence of wrong doing, but with absolutely no power to do anything about it.

But maybe we should do something about it? Just like the 28 FBI agents who were willing to testify of all the wrongdoing they witnessed; they said just give us immunity and we will spill the beans. The question is then, why were they not given immunity? It would appear immunity has been handed out to all the higher ups like candy on Halloween. But the agents were not and therefore will not testify, nor should they; why would they risk their livelihood and risk endangering their family? Would you?

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You (nor I) would not, because the economy is doing so well. To me, this is the final restraint that will keep us paralyzed and incapable of doing anything. Just ask the President, the media, the financial giants, all will tell you things are doing quite well now, except for maybe some pain down the road, but not today. So, would you risk blood or treasure with things being so wonderful now? Neither would the agents.

I have a prediction to make: The economy will roll on like a well oiled engine and I guarantee it will not falter or crash, until 24 hours after the  takeover of our government and all governments are complete; and not a second before. You see it’s the economy that keeps us at home and comfortable that will prevent us from making any waves. Yes, it is on life support, but if we don’t upset that cart, it may just keep rolling on and who knows, with Trump as President, things may get better?

The economy must become our security blanket, for this will keep us from doing anything that the government cannot control, until the time is ripe for change the government believes in.

Do you feel it now? The restriction on your trachea?


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