Federal Judge Rules AGAINST AMERICA in SICKENING Decision for NFL Anthem Protests

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Ben Marquis for the Conservative Tribune reports, It all started with ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem prior to the start of NFL games, ostensibly in protest of police brutality and racial injustice.
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9 thoughts on “Federal Judge Rules AGAINST AMERICA in SICKENING Decision for NFL Anthem Protests

  1. Damn niggers. They want the bad-mouthing of nigger slaves in the 3rd verse deleted. Damn niggers. You christians have to put your foot down hard on them over this.

    • No they want to demonize the message of self-determination and the citizens right to fight back against corrupt elites.
      The reference to slaves in the third verse clearly refers to the mercenaries and other soldiers, often impressed into service against their will, that were used by the British Empire to oppress free people. Only an idiot would think it refers to slaves on plantations because that has nothing to do with anything in the context of the song.
      Your attempt at sarcasm only reveals your own level of ignorance.

  2. The solution to problem is to not play the national anthem before the games or have the players enter the playing field after the playing of the nation anthem and or play the national anthem at the completion of the games and those that wish to stay at attention could so without retribution the rest those not wish to stand could be carried off to the dressing room.
    It would seem to be foolhardy by those persons to bring political protest issues onto the playing fields because they are infact ending their careers.

    • Correct, they do have a right to kneel and others have a right to refuse to see the games.
      I no longer have any interest in the NFL, although my interest was already low. I have a problem with this because I see the anthem as being a song about common citizens banding together against the mercenaries of a royal elite. Anyone concerned about the growing police state would be singing the anthem louder than ever. I know there are some who wish to replace the anthem or remove it because it teaches that citizens have a right to disobey. These NFL protesters play right into the hands of those who hate the anthem’s message of self-determination by creating a false association between the anthem and racism. The NFL could have easily provided a moment of silence and/or prayer for the victims of the police state. I will have nothing to do with the NFL again, but to the point, I would never want the government to stop anyone from kneeling. It’s their right to kneel, its my right to boycott their attack on the meaning of our anthem.

      • I like that presentation, didn’t really consider such a perspective.
        Went to a carpetbagger’s HOAX memorial, to call out the BS. They got in my face, like a gang, but the officer in control said I could stay and speak my peace after the dog & pony show. So they played the national anthem, instrumental. When the music stopped, I started in on the second verse, when the office to me to shut up. Then I asked why he recognized the second verse. He wasn’t expecting a rebel to know what he assumed to be patriotic.
        There were all these yankees there, relocated specifically to promote the MSM propaganda. The contempt in their eyes made me feel so alive, as I call BS on the physically impossible. By the end, the officer was starting to realize it was hard to deny, and wanted to know more before I left. It is so entertaining to watch the ignorant get bent out of shape, over their cognitive dissonance.

    • What makes you think just because he is a guy in a black robe that he knows anything about the U S Constitution ????

  3. I believe Darthangel has it about right. They don’t have to “respect” the flag or the anthem (hell they don’t seem to have any respect for anything anyway) And, at the same time, I don’t have to go to the games or watch it on MY television. I guess you could say, I don’t have to show them any respect either. Actually most of these guys end up old, fat, broke, and alone before they die from the abuse they put themselves through because they are not able to sustain better and longer term employment.

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