Feel SAFE in NY LADIES? Poop attack perp bragged on Facebook about getting out without bail

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The alleged poopetrator was referring to the vile Feb. 21 attack in which he smeared his own crap on a woman on a subway platform in the Bronx after she rebuffed him, according to prosecutors.

Abrokwa, who was charged with reckless endangerment, assault, menacing, harassment and disorderly conduct in that case, was released without bail — because state law prohibits cash bail from being set on any of the charges.

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Oh here’s the punchline of the whole article…

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Abrokwa was also let go a second time Wednesday on hate-crime charges stemming from a September incident in Brooklyn.

Do you see that? ANOTHER incident, a HATE crime, on top of smearing poop in her face, and he’s BRAGGING ABOUT IT ALL ON FB.



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