Financial Blacklisting: Sleeping Giants and Soros-Backed Group Pressure Mastercard to Censor the Right

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via breitbart:


At Mastercard’s AGM this morning, the far-left groups SumOfUs and Sleeping Giants circled the venue with a mobile billboard stating: “Putting hate groups out of business? #Priceless.”

…As left-wing political activist groups have pressured social media companies to blacklist their political rivals, they are also intent on destroying the ability of the political right to do business on the Internet. The rise of financial blacklisting has been a trend in recent years, with repeated instances online payment processors and funding platforms cutting off their services to right-wingers and conservatives.

…Even liberal groups have sounded the alarm about this trend. In July last year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) warned that banks, credit card companies and payment processors are becoming “de facto internet censors.”

“EFF is deeply concerned that payment processors are making choices about which websites can and can’t accept payments or process donations,” an EFF spokeswoman told Breitbart News at the time.

Combined with corporate-controlled cryptocurrencies like Facebook’s “Libra” coin, Corporate America increasingly references the rise of a “cashless society.”

..a “cashless society” would also allow a handful of corporations to control access to the financial system — and potentially cut if off from those deemed politically or socially undesirable. This is precisely the kind of financial blacklisting that Sleeping Giants loudly demands from Mastercard.




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