Financial Crisis Part 2 Coming Closer as EXACT Patterns of 2007 Appear! What Will TRIGGER It?

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Do you think the markets will be saved by the central banks? Or will a crash occur intentionally?

It’s so important to look at the economy for what it really is, not a single, synchronous, situation. It’s a bunch of separate moving parts and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some areas will do well when crude oil is high and will do poorly when oil falls. Some areas are heavily dependant on the tech sector. Others for tourism. But when nobody expects it, suddenly all assets fall.


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Corporate-Debt-GDP-Rates-060418.png (840×452)

Corp-Liab-Assets-GVA-10YR-Rate-060418.png (939×577)

1365x-1.png (1365×767)

Junk-Bond Valuations Are Looking More Like the 1997 Bubble and the Pre-Lehman Heyday – Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank’s Future Is More Fannie Mae Than Lehman – Bloomberg

The Wall Street bankers who feast during recessions say there’s a ‘smell in the air’ and it’s starting to feel like 2007 (MC, HLI, GHL)

U.S. Monthly Auto Payments Reach Record High in First Quarter – Article – BNN

tech inflows 6.8.jpg (562×419)

Shale Country Is Out of Workers and Dangling 100% Pay Hikes – Bloomberg

Venezuela’s Long Road to Ruin – WSJ


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