Fines for breaching Sydney’s lockdown are doubled and police are given extra powers to shut down businesses and worksites that don’t follow the rules

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  • Police have been given new powers to crack down on Covid rule breakers 
  • Businesses and work sites across the state can be shut down by police 
  • Also the penalty for not wearing a mask where required increases to $500 

Fines for Covid rule breakers in NSW have doubled and police given wide-ranging new powers to shut down businesses and construction sites.

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The penalty for not wearing a mask where required has more than doubled from $200 to $500 as too many people were failing to put them on.

Sydney’s outbreak added 239 cases – a record for NSW in the entire pandemic – on Thursday with 66 infectious in the community and 70 under investigation.

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Continued growth in case numbers despite lockdown led health authorities to believe too many Sydneysiders were ignoring lockdown and spreading the virus.


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