Finland is offering people a free summer vacation so they can learn how to be happy from the locals

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  • Visit Finland is launching a “Rent a Finn” program this summer in an effort to attract more tourists.
  • Finland has previously been named the happiest country in the world, and now they want to spread the joy with “happiness guides.”
  • Eight Finns have signed up to teach visitors the secret to being happy by showing them how the locals live.
  • Winners selected for the “Rent a Finn” program will travel to Finland for free this summer.
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Envy directed at Scandinavia is nothing new. Whether it’s their progressive culture, technologically advanced infrastructure, or consistently high ranking on the world’s “happiest countries” list, this part of the world just seems to have it all figured out. But they’re not hiding the secrets behind their success — at least, not when it comes to their happiness. Finland, the happiest country in the world, is trying to export its happiness around the globe by allowing people to “rent a Finn.” The best way to learn, after all, is through hands-on experience, and this project is giving you the chance to travel to Finland and spend some time with some Finnish “happiness guides” in the hopes that their relaxed, nature-driven way of life might rub off on you…

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MMmm great idea, what could possibly go wrong?






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