FISA Memo Tip of Iceberg, Economy Good Financial System Bad, Boycott Super Bowl

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The FISA Memo outlining illegal and fraudulent spying on Donald Trump and his Administration is just the first round in the coming revelations. Before it’s over, America is going to be shown evidence that the FBI and DOJ not only committed crimes against an incoming President to try and get him kicked out of office, but massive crimes against other politicians it did not approve of.  The evidence will likely include spying on millions of Americans, and that will shake the Republic.  It will also send many traitors to the Constitution to jail.  The calm before the storm is over, and expect some wild things coming to America.

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6 thoughts on “FISA Memo Tip of Iceberg, Economy Good Financial System Bad, Boycott Super Bowl

  1. They were on top of the whole world!! They had EVERYTHING working for Hillary to be the next POTUS! All wheels were greased, even Soros controlled many voting machines…NEVER in their wildest did they think this party would end…and continue forever!
    Bad call!!! Dems were so sure of themselves they were sloppy, no need to even pay attention, this was a sure thing!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Grab more popcorn, buttered or plain?

    • I hope the RNC is smart enough to get the Soros owned machines thrown out. I find it hard to believe that it is even legal for him to own them, considering the money he gives to the democrats.

  2. Most of us knew something was coming. Hopefully, everyone involved in this corruption will be prosecuted. I’d bet there will be all kinds of excuses coming from the left, & the media involved.
    The President needs to make sure something is done to stop the voter fraud, before this next election. I can’t believe he ended the investigation, unless, he knew something bigger was coming.

  3. This is nothing but theater. Nobody is going to jail. Trump was never going to jail. Hillary was never going to jail. Comey was never going to jail. They can lie to Congress all day. Lie to the FISA court all day. It does not matter. If you think people are going to jail, you are wrong. It is all just a song and dance to entertain you. Nothing more, nothing less. At the end of the day, it will all just fade away and we will move on to the next entertaining news item which will absolutely captivate you for weeks, or months, though probably not years. Even the Trump investigation isn’t really getting much traction anymore. But the theater and drama will go on one way or another. On “these” news sites they will be absolutely certain this and that is going on, and this will be the end result, while “those” news sites will peddle the complete opposite. They will bring on all sorts of experts, all sorts of talking heads who will be so certain they know the truth, know what’s going on, know how it will all turn out. We will have lots and lots of leaks, all perfectly timed to keep the story going a little longer, and if those leaks were illegal, there will be stories about how they must be brought to justice, but they won’t be. And just as we get to that point where something amazing is really about to happen… there will be something new again and we will move on to that.

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