FISHMOXFISHFLEX Email: Here’s the Latest on Supply and Out of Stocks…

by BFD

Just got this in my spam folder, thought I would share:

Here’s the Latest on Supply and Out of Stocks

From water and toilet paper to hand sanitizer and breathing masks, it’s no secret that lots of industries are having shortages of product and lots of out of stock products. The products we carry are no exception to this and demand for Thomas Labs Fish Products has increased significantly recently. We want to communicate with you to let you know how things are going and give you the latest update.

Fish Antibiotics as a whole are becoming more difficult to purchase during this time, this includes the manufacturers being very busy and supplies being tight. However, we received a new large shipment from Thomas Labs today and will be receiving an additional shipment from Thomas Labs next week. Currently we are able to fulfill all the orders we receive. Right now there aren’t any Thomas Labs products that we know of that are completely unavailable. There are a few products that Thomas Labs is currently out of that will probably take a few weeks to get back in stock but we should still be getting them. We will be shipping any out of stock products according to the date the order was placed for that item so the best way to make sure you receive the products you want is to place an order so that you are on that list.

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If an item is going to be out of stock and is unable to ship with the rest of your order we will notify you via email. We talked with Thomas Labs yesterday and any out of stock item we should receive in the next 2 weeks and will ship out any backordered items as quickly as possible.

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If an item will be out of stock for an extended period of time (more than 2 weeks) we will update it on our website.

We are communicating with Thomas Labs regularly to be aware of new arrival dates or if any specific products will have additional delays or become unavailable because of increased demand and will keep you updated.

Customer service is our top priority and if you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat, phone, or email. We are so grateful for your support, thank you for shopping with us!!