Fitch warns of possible downgrade to U.S. AAA credit rating if shutdown persists

via Marketwatch:

“I think people are looking at the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) numbers. If people take the time to look at that you can see debt levels moving higher, you can see the interest burden in the U.S. government moving decidedly higher over the next decade,” James McCormack, Fitch’s global head of sovereign ratings told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” Wednesday. He said analysts at Fitch want to see a fiscal adjustment to offset the borrowing burden.

At an event later in London, McCormack added, “If this shutdown continues to March 1 and the debt ceiling becomes a problem several months later, we may need to start thinking about the policy framework, the inability to pass a budget… and whether all of that is consistent with triple-A,” CNBC reported from the event.