Five Senators And A Big Pharma Trade Association Urge Tech Companies To Censor Drug And Pharmacy Websites

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In a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), published today, it was revealed that five Senators – three Democrats and two Republicans – wrote letters to four big tech companies, calling for censorship of drug information. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Pinterest were contacted and accused of facilitating trade in prescription drugs and illegal narcotics.
These letters, which according to the EFF are nearly identical, were separately written but sent around the same time last month. Interestingly, the letters were announced in a mailing list to members of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP).
ASOP is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington D.C., dedicated to “protecting consumers around the world, and combating illegal online drug sales,” among other things, as stated on the organization’s official website.
War on drugs 2.0 has officially begun and guess what, it’s bipartisan. Apparently, five Senators (3 Democrats, 2 Republicans) and a Big Pharma lobby group wrote letters to Google, FB, Pinterest, Yahoo, and Microsoft, urging them to censor certain websites. And not only censor – they’re supposed to redirect to “U.S.-based and approved supplier.”
What a way to combat the opiod epidemic lol.
Fun fact: In 2016 alone, opioids killed more people than car accidents or guns.
Big pharma is attacking Kratom because it doesn’t kill enough people like their pills do and it’s throwing a wrench in their depopulation agenda.
And it’s attacking psychedelics because they make individuals harder to MKUltra instead of easier as, again, their pills do.
And it’s attacking alternative and especially natural remedies because they don’t leave the patient dependent upon maintenance treatment and medication like their surgeries, chemo, and other procedures do.
Fuck big pharma, not at all surprised to find they’re trying to censor drug and pharmacy websites.
I am a firm believer in the value of science and scientific review, but the corruption of the system is easy to spot by anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time reading academic publications. The truth is out there, but you sure have to dig to get past the pro-pharma propaganda.
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