Flagstaff sets all-time snowstorm record — 35.9 inches… FLAKES IN LA!

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Flagstaff, Arizona, sets all-time snow record as major snowstorm buries southwestern US

Flagstaff, Arizona, received 16.6 inches of snow from the storm that began on Saturday and ended on Monday. As of Wednesday, Flagstaff has received 100 inches of snow thus far during the cold weather season. The average annual snowfall for the city is about 102 inches.

Thursday set the all-time daily record for snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona, with 35.9 inches of snow. The previous record record was 31 inches set over a century ago on Dec. 30, 1915. This also shattered February’s all-time daily snowfall record of 24 inches set on Feb. 2, 1901.

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Snow comes to L.A., with powder in Malibu, Pasadena, West Hollywood


Xavier Bias walked out of the Whole Foods Market in Pasadena and saw another woman looking to the ground puzzled at the white stuff covering the sidewalk.

The woman wasn’t sure exactly what she was looking at. But Bias, who is originally from the East Coast, quickly set her straight.

It was snow.

“People didn’t know what it was,” Bias said. “I was like, no, this is snow.”

Snow level hit the 1,000-foot mark, bringing tiny bits of the white stuff into neighborhoods that had not seen snow in decades. But the show was fleeting, lasting in most cases a few minutes before the sun melted anything that had hit the ground.

By Thursday evening, the storms were moving east, with officials saying the snow elevation level had dropped to 800 feet in Orange County. Snow plows were clearing Ortega Highway between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano.


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