Flash floods & severe thunderstorms predicted for major parts of US

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Part of the Southern Plains, the Ohio Valley, central Appalachians and the middle to lower Mississippi Valley will be under threat of severe thunderstorms and flash flooding Monday and Tuesday as a storm that soaked previously dry regions of Texas over the weekend moves slowly northeast to start the week.

Heavy precipitation was expected Sunday evening in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and southern Missouri, bringing 1-3 inches of rain to areas that have already absorbed more than what’s typical, according to AccuWeather.

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“Even though the rain may not be as intense in this zone when compared to what southeastern Texas experienced on Saturday, much of the Gulf Coast states are not in drought and may only be able to handle a moderate amount of rain,’’ AccuWeather Senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

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Tornado watches and warnings have been issued for several Mississippi counties as rain and strong storms make their way across the state.


  • Multiple hurricanes tore through Mississippi on Sunday afternoon and evening, causing severe damage in the city of Tupelo
  • The mayor warned residents to stay in their homes while emergency crews access the damage  
  • There were no immediate reports of injuries and active tornado warnings remained in place on Sunday night



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