Florida school shooting: Gun laws wouldn't have stopped it, Former New York Police Department officer says.

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5 thoughts on “Florida school shooting: Gun laws wouldn't have stopped it, Former New York Police Department officer says.

  1. It is probable that at the very least an “assault weapons” registration will go into effect if not the reinstatement of the ban. Nevertheless, the FBI missed all the clues of this shooter including be forewarned by average citizens. And then there were the sociopathic postings with weapons on social media that corroborated the concerns. Any blogger can write off color comments that might denote sociopathy or possibly simply hyperbolic bloviation, but the posting of social media pictures with weapons should have been a tell tale sign. IWB, The Gateway Pundit picked up the fact that the FBI missed the clues on the Boston Bombers as well. I have written here before that the leadership has shown themselves to be keystone cop pawns to the real controllers. Who knew that the FBI was also not really focused on potential real mass violent crime? Interesting and telling.

    • When it is all part of the FBI psy-op, they are not going to arrest their pawn before his role has been played out. Once they are on the psych meds they are easily programmed to do anything or believe anything that is not real. So far every one of these kids have been on psych meds and have similar backgrounds.

  2. CNN video proves the Florida shooting coincided perfectly with a police drill for a mass shooting!!!! ARCHIVE AND POST!!!!
    This is a low res .3gp that will play on phones, Linux, and most other systems. If it does not play, try it on a different computer.
    At first students thought it was a drill and did not react because they were told ahead of time the police would be firing blanks in a mass shooting drill at the school, which coincided perfectly with the actual shooting. FIGURE THE ODDS, this, in conjunction with the other two videos here proves this was a shadow state op, and Cruz had nothing to do with it.
    The alleged confession by Cruz would be easily obtained through pre-programming him while on psych meds, as was the case with Cruz and all of the other kids that have done this.

    • This was another agenda driven psy-op carried out by the law enforcement agencies that are paid and sworn to protect us from the same thing that they are doing. They don’t care if people actually die and their desperation to disarm us dictates that there will be many actual deaths in future psy-ops. The agenda is to disarm law abiding gun owners because of incidents like this, which were actually staged by the people that want to disarm us. If they succeed, that will leave the criminals, such as them, fully armed and will leave law abiding citizens defenseless and unable to protect themselves against their future acts of terror against us.
      The logic that they attempt to use as a legitimate reason to disarm us is equivalent to taking the cars away from everyone with a safe driving record because some citizens choose to drive drunk and occasionally kill someone as a result. However, when that happens, you don’t see a bunch of overreacting liberal maniacs claiming that it was the car that killed the person and not the drunk driver but when a rogue citizen shoots someone with a gun it is always the gun that did the killing and not the psychopath that was shooting it.

  3. Way too much credence is given to gun control as a solution. The bigger problem is the vast amount of children labeled with some type of disorder and then given powerful psychotropic drugs (SSRI’s) to combat those disorders. Guns have always been available and will continue to be available far into the future as there are so many even if banned outright. Finding a different solution to drugging our children for an attention disorder ought to be top on the list.

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