Food budget is out of control

by LynzBenz​

It’s just me and my husband. We both work 5 days a week (Mon-Friday). I will admit that I am the spender of the two of us, but the food budget for last month was insane. Usually, I will print out our monthly budget and only worry about the bills side of it. I really don’t keep up with the grocery budget and I do not use a list when I shop for groceries. I finally said enough, “what are we really paying?”. This is the monstrosity that we spent on food for two people in the month of May 2021:

Groceries: $1791.84 Restaurants and eating out: $1374.00

My husband brings home $4000/ monthly I bring home $3000 monthly

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The remainder of our bills are less than $2500 (utilities, housing,gas, etc).

I was never taught how to budget. My family spent money hand over fist and we lived in poverty for most of my childhood and early teens.

What can I do to improve this?



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