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Even the everyday complacent American is now noticing the price increases at their grocery store and that certain foods are often unavailable for purchase.  This will likely not be close to being resolved in the coming months but will worsen.

If you have been waiting for some reason to prepare, now is the best time to start.


The mainstream media keeps trying to blame this on a “virus,” but last I checked, the virus didn’t bark orders to impoverish yourself and lock yourself in your home with no way to generate an income.  It was the world’s governments and those willing to blindly obey without question who helped destroy the supply chain and the economy. That is only one of the many reasons I continue to call government what it truly is: slavery.

It Wasn’t The “Virus” That Crashed The Economy, It Was The People Who Obeyed The Government

“It is unwinding. In some cases, we’re seeing similar effects from the first few months of the pandemic. Some of it is in reverse,” said Dan Kowalski, vice president of CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division. CoBank provides loans and other financial services to the United States. rural community. Early in the pandemic, some shoppers heading to the grocery store to stockpile food and other items were greeted with empty shelves. According to a report by Market Watch, businesses worked feverishly to shift distribution away from restaurants, cafeterias, and other away-from-home dining venues that were now off-limits during lockdowns.

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“There’s a part of the economy that’s been relatively quiet for the last year that’s reopening,” said Chedly Louis, vice president, and senior credit officer at Moody’s. “The part of the economy that was quiet is revving up at a faster pace than the manufacturer thought at the beginning of the year. That’s the rebalancing that’s happening in the supply chain.”

Even pet items seem to be selling out and the prices are jumping. Sumit Singh, the chief executive of pet-care retailer Chewy Inc. said on the late Thursday earnings call that a high level of out-of-stock items were a headwind during the most recent quarter. “This is clearly a supply-driven situation, which we expect to abate in the second half of this year as additional production capacity comes online,” he said, according to a FactSet transcript. “Until then, we will keep actively managing our inventory and using our recommendation engines to help customers find attractive alternatives.”

Other retailers say there’s a labor shortage and demand is increasing. The National Retail Federation said in a Monday announcement that April was the busiest on record at the nation’s retail container ports, with May possibly setting a record.

“There’s no shortage of demand from consumers, but there continues to be shortages of labor, equipment and shipping capacity to meet that demand,” said Jonathan Gold, vice president for supply chain and customs policy at the organization. “Supply chain disruptions, port congestion, and rising shipping costs could continue to be challenges through the end of the year.”

Stay alert and remain prepared. With the supply chain already hampered, it wouldn’t take much for the entire thing to come crashing down as people panic. Remember when they panicked over the flu and bought out all the toilet paper? That should have been a lesson to everyone to make sure you have at least a whole package as a spare.  Get what you need now as things look like they could get tight this summer and into fall. The prices are going one way and if you are not prepared when they jump even higher,  you may not be able to get prepared.

How to Perform a Preparedness Audit (And Why You Need To Do This Every Year)

Please don’t submit to fear. Instead, be ready so you don’t have to be afraid. Rise above the fear and make the best decisions you can right now and know you are prepared.


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