Footage from protest in Anaheim- a glimpse of what's to come? This video scares me.

Blacks are being used to trigger martial law at home. Including ‘terrorism’. End game, free speech, specifically religion will be targeted.

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41 thoughts on “Footage from protest in Anaheim- a glimpse of what's to come? This video scares me.”

  1. And the lowlife psychopaths risk the horses? What do you need horses for? Best way to protest is spend as little as possible. These demonstrations accomplish NOTHING.

  2. It’s just another one of the many psyops they have to offer us hoping somebody will charge the police line. The guy they put in the van, the one “leading” everybody around? …how much you want to bet he’s a crisis agitator?
    fucking assholes, give it up, we’re not supporting Israel’s self-aggrandizing greed and genocidal mania, we’re not doing false flag war, we’re not tax and debt slaves, we’re not going to tolerate international terrorism in the US, we’re gonna hunker down, keep the legal and moral high ground, defend our communities and homes from you monsters. Get the fuck out of the US you communist pigs! Communism will never, ever fly in the US.

      • Yes, they are communists. And, the Israelis in the US are working desperately to get communism/martial law going. You’re feeding the machine with your nasty attitude and disparaging, weak, pathetic, racist comments. “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength”.

          • …what’s your point Dirk? …you seem to be stuck in rude. And, after 70-years, you should know that “rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” You’re not earning any respect here with those childish comments. Come on; I’m rubber, you’re glue…lol.
            Silly questions:
            You’re aware hemp is the tree of life, correct?
            You know the bible is a plagiarism?
            …you know Israel owns the US for the time being and is abusing the US badly for ill gotten gains, correct?

          • I’m Russian, Austrian, Polish, German, Italian, English, Cherokee Indian, Jewish by the blood of my mother, baptized a Roman Catholic, baptized a Christian, after doing my homework, I’ve renounced it all from Judaism to Christianity. The bible is a plagiarism of the Sumerian clay tablet story that predates Israel.

          • I am Dutch born in 1946 and family tree goes back to 1506. Ex American (naturalized) Moved to USA in 1951 and left in 1989. Never been back to lives since. Renounced 2 years ago before they raised the fee from 400 USD to 2400 USD. Buddhism and other eastern religions predate Buybull and in fact explains exactly what ”god” is in the 80,000 volumes of the Lotus Sutra. Everything is Cause and Effect. including all life , elucidated in the mantra ‘Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo” more succinctly SIMULTANEOUS cause and effect. which is infinite. meaning there was no beginning and no end and the universe is limitless. The western mind just cannot fathom that.

          • I agree with you on all that. I wrapped my head around all that when I was about…9-years old, which is when I started reading and comparing the bible to other histories around the world.
            Ahayah is supposedly the secret name of GOD the masons/jews have hidden from humanity. What do you know about all that?

          • No, I do understand all that. But, Dirk, I’ve seen the other side. And yes, there isn’t a man in the sky, so to speak, but the creator’s spirit is real and he is everywhere, in everything, he even sees life through our pineal glands, the pineal gland one of the most powerful two way radios in existence.
            Ask yourself this question: What causes you to effect good?

          • …have you passed and come back to life? If not, you may not ever believe the information I have for you based on your words even if I clearly articulate the entire experiences to you and produce proof of my Earthly argument to you too…until you find out for yourself either first hand or via your own research. Many people know for certain the info I’ve shared is 100% accurate, is world knowledge, but censored and distorted and maligned in the US for sinister purposes, Orwellian like censorship, nazi like genocide, satanic sacrafices, luciferian power rituals, pharaonic mania, Israeli megalomania, Agenda 21, criminal genocide in the light of a hemp economy.
            I don’t believe in an “external power”, I know a power exists that’s in everything and the best way to describe it is…a shared mind, you can do either good or evil, and what you do comes back to you sooner or later.
            Question! Is a dog an animal or a sentient being with a conscience and moral compass, feelings and needs, a personality and is then therefore no less entitled to human rights than humans are?
            Of course, there’s an argument out there that there is no common mind, no …eternal GOD, just nature and the universal laws of nature as described by Mark Passio, pure and simple, but…there’s evidence and based on my own experiences, to the contrary, there is indeed other dimensions I’ve seen them while alive here, …passed and went there and came back, once when I was 16, once when I was 47, the incarnation wheel the first time around and then zap, back in my body, my own planet the second time, then back on Earth, if you can wrap your head around that, if not…Dirk, I’ve seen a Gin in California, a snake headed demon in California, and was face to face with the Amityville horror house in New York and lived to tell the story, …have had a cup inexplicably knocked out of my hand and across the room with witnesses present, I’ve had hugely accurate …premonitions, dejavu, readings, remote viewings…I could go on such as hauntings witnessed at my father’s after his father in law passed…and he promised to come back and haunt him…and did, and his daughter, my dad’s wife…for real, but…you get the point, do some research, slow down there, friend, your missing some very …interesting info, info that can save your very life. Nobody’s “getting out of here alive” — Jim Morrison, and if you value the US and anywhere else on Earth, you want the US Constitution to succeed and for Israel to return to Turkey or the Tree in the Garden of Eden, a small spot in Sumeria, or all hell will break loose on Earth for the sinners…so trite, so cliche, so …misunderstood, but so true. Ironically, it’s the law of nature for this to happen and for nature to continue on…over, and over, the ‘great never ending churn’.

          • I have 40 years of experience practicing the True Law. Chant ”Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo”.. Everything is cause and effect so you aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know.

          • It’s not the “True Law”, it’s a concept you’ve given power to via a common mind.
            “To chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is an act of faith in the Mystic Law and in the magnitude of life’s inherent possibilities. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is not a mystical phrase that brings forth supernatural power, nor is it an entity transcending ourselves that we rely upon. It is the principle that those who live normal lives and make consistent efforts will duly triumph.”
            The pineal gland is a two way radio. If you discover or are taught about how your pineal gland works, you’ll find it is used to tap into a common mind of your choosing or creation. The chant you venerate is a common mind you have chosen to tap into. If you want to tap into the common criminal mind…you tap into either the luciferian or satanic mind as tribes like Israel do.
            GOD head is above such primitive mindsets because both are divisive and polarizing and yield the chaos we have today whereas GOD head is the perfect balance between the two…crime =’s penalty — cause and effect, not forgiveness. GOD head is permission before forgiveness, we all have a moral compass and conscience built-into our flesh bodies and there’s no beating that system. The wages of sin are death, chant or no chant.
            When your chant is to unite all tribes on Earth in peace and equal prosperity and sovereign identity for the purpose of dynamics which expresses the art of life through color, as we are all created and share the same genes, the sometimes harsh elements of Earth the only ying in our collective lives, then Earth is in balance.
            So, you should be chanting… peace, prosperity, and good health for all, no exceptions, the wages for sin are death, may Mother Earth remain strong and steady in symbiotic longevity with humanity. Then, chant the Ten Commandments. Repeat as necessary.
            ah, the ying and yang of life, so sweet and beautiful.

          • I know all about that. Mossad did 911, using 19 Arab patsies.
            The other half is EVERYTHING is Cause and Effect, simple but profound and Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo is the incantation to waken your inner Buddha nature. Its very powerful. Try it for yourself. no need to BELIEVE anything just do it for anything you need or want. and remember there is no such ting as coincidence.

          • ok. But, the last time somebody gave me a chant, he was a satanist. The chant had power too. Don’t want nothing to do with all that. However, I’ll look further into the chant.
            I’m going to chant that you read Jack Herer’s book and spread the good word far and wide, hemp is the tree of life! When you’re done, let me know. I’m going to chant you bring me pizza and beer!

    • No, they’ve got civil unrest locked down, and they pick the locations, are prepped and ready to go. Civil unrest and protests are for idiots. They will crush any uprising, but they won’t be able to withstand peaceful boycotts and paper trail elections of vetted oath keepers, and they cannot fight on all fronts. As soon as the US is invaded, the countries of origin, toast, they’ll take their countries back, one by one.

    • Nope, it is a Yellow fringe flag, indicating they are enforcers of “Admiralty Law or the U.C.C.”, you don’t have a 1st amendment under that system. Sad the cops don’t understand what I just said.

  3. Are those peaceful protestors that were ‘arrested’ going to ever be seen again ?
    Have they been taken to Guantanamo Bay to be held as ‘unlawful combatants’ ?
    What f**king hell is going on in the North America ?


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