For 4 years the media hyped up everything President Trump said and did. And yet the lack of criticism of anything negative about Biden is very eye opening!

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by Xianb

We don’t have a Free Press in this Nation. We have a Democrat State Media Run Press. Both sides are not the same.

Yes Trump said a lot of dumb shit for 4 years. Yes Trump probably shouldn’t have been on Twitter. And yet despite Twitter being absolute dog shit just remember for 4 years: The Media never cared to quote him accurately. For 4 years the media had a ongoing war with Trump and his voters. Without Twitter, Trump couldn’t speak to his Voter Base without the media filter. Twisting and turning everything he said and did. Even when it wasn’t about race, they some how made it about race! Even when it wasn’t about sex they made it about sex!

And now with Joe Biden:

> “I love those barrettes in your hair, man,” Biden said. “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

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I’ll give Google credit for allowing the NYPost Story to be visible on the front page when you type in “Joe Biden”. And yet today the story magically disappeared from Googles search results front page. Even if you type in “Joe Biden 19” you get the NYPost story and 2 other articles about Fauci-Chinese Virus. Google allowed the story to be visible with a unbiased search for ONE FUCKING DAY!

A unbiased Google Search of “Joe Biden” results in 10 “news” articles. And yet only the New York Post is talking about Joe Biden molesting little girls. Can you imagine the out cry of Trump said this? They would be calling for impeachment!

They are talking about really boring stuff to. For 4 years the media loved the drama with Trump. It sold “news”. And yet the lack of interest of drama with Biden causally joking about Pedophile is insane.

I believe Trumps true Legacy is that he exposed the media. The media couldn’t stand the fact that Trump was able to call bull shit personally. The media called for Trump to be BANNED FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. What media in a supposedly Free Nation does that? And in the end they finally did censor Trump and his voter base. Reddit was the 1st Social Media platform to do it by banning the Donald for “making threats against Police and Politicians”. Then when George Floyd hit they allowed hundreds of subs to make continuous threats against Police and Politicians who stood up for Police. No bans from those subs. Why? Because Reddit got onboard the woke Social Jerk Hive Mind.

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But hey Joe Biden won Fair and Square right? The most popular President ever with 80 million votes cannot draw a crowd. Joe Biden was installed because of Censorship. Not because he was the better candidate.


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