For anybody in CA, DO NOT believe Los Angeles Sheriff Villanueva’s statement that inmates are intentionally infecting themselves in jail. Just spoke to my brother who’s being held there.

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by mohssolinirex

A couple of days ago, an article came out describing the terrible sanitary conditions at Pitchess Detention Center in Santa Clarita where my brother is being held link. I’ve spoken to him on the phone and he told me that inmates are not being tested at all for coronavirus despite the fact that around 70 out of 90 inmates in his dorm (including him) are showing symptoms. They’re provided with barely any cleaning supplies and limited supplies of water so some of the inmates have even resorted to washing their area by soaking their shirts in the toilets.

Now just 2 days after this news gets out, our piece of shit sheriff Alex Villanueva comes out and tells the news that the inmates at Pitchess are intentionally infecting themselves, and that’s why the number of infections have suddenly jumped so much link. A whole bunch of newspapers have now picked this story up and are spreading this load of horseshit. Please do not believe this garbage. The Sheriff is probably trying to cover his ass for how terrible he’s handling the whole coronavirus situation in jail and blaming it on the inmates.

I just spoke to my brother a couple hours ago and he’s telling me that they’re still trying to even get tested. They just take their temperatures twice a day and then don’t do anything about it. In fact, the only person in his dorm that’s gotten tested was an older guy who passed out and started having a seizure while they were forced to spend 4 hours waiting in 90+ degree heat last week. On top of all that, they don’t even have testing available on-site so they have to go to one of their facilities in downtown to even get tested, which the staff often refuses to grant since it means coordinating a long drive from Pitchess to downtown for the inmates.

This whole situation is just absolutely ridiculous and I’m really pissed off. I’m gonna try to contact the LA times and other places tomorrow and just spread the word about the county’s criminal negligence in all this.


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