For everyone shopping on Amazon’s Prime Day: “savings” from sales aren’t savings if you weren’t already planning on buying the item.

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by IlCaneEUnaMucca

This is a trap a lot of people fall into (myself included): just because it’s a “good deal” doesn’t mean you “saved” money by buying it, it’s still money that you spent!

This might be obvious to most people but it’s a good reminder that pops up on here occasionally and has stopped me from making some dumb purchases on more than one occasion. Hopefully it helps someone on this Prime Day.


Generally Amazon isn’t the low price king anyway

They win on the convenience of Prime and the easiest shopping experience around, all the way down to returning unpackaged items for free at your local Kohls.

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Price wise they are similar to Walmart in my experience. Sometimes higher and sometimes lower, but around the same on average.

Edit: Lots of people asking about the Kohls thing. See below and scroll to bottom. I guess they are only doing it in LA and Chicago right now, but it is pretty amazing.


Prime day , Black Friday EVERYWHERE is not like it was 5-10 years ago where everything was discounted or sold at a loss . It runs like a weekly supermarket sale where there are a very few amount of big ticket items being sold at cost or a loss to bring people through the doors ( or to the website ) …. then while you are there you spend more money on random full price items .

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All similar retailers are generally selling everything at the same price range overall . It’s all about convenience which is what amazon does best and why they still growing . Prices don’t matter anymore from many items




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