For Ghislaine Maxwell & Covid truth, the vital signs are not good

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by John Ward

Be in no doubt: we are being softened up for the next round of mysterious calumny. The means – as ever – is a cocktail of fake news aperitifs designed to frighten the morons into acceptance of risible explanations for yet more control over our lives. For two sets of whistleblowers – Ghislaine Maxwell and Covid19 realists – the signs are everywhere to be seen.

First of all, we were told that Ghislaine Maxwell was ‘a primary suicide risk’ – whatever one of those is…..a target for those people press-ganging live persons into volunteering for self-inflicted death, perhaps. Either way, in fear of her using a Balmain dress to hang herself, the NY southern district holding centre gave Maxwell paper clothing.

Then two days later, it was apparent to these same jailers that their prison was infested with assassins intent on murdering Ms Maxwell….so she is being moved every few days from one cell to another.

Nobody has yet challenged this drivel with the obvious questions that spring to mind when somebody’s gone all IABATO* on you. Such as, why not relocate the assassins in another institution where there’s tougher control on prisoner gun ownership? How did these assassins get into the prison? Why have they all got it in for an Epstein pimp….has the world suddenly been taken over by Jack Rubys?

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official.

The almost Australian Ocker level of media foreplay in evidence here is not, I’m now fairly sure – a sign that the Unelected State has no imagination. I really think it’s just that they know the social moron count is so high, they don’t have to work that hard any more: they can peddle any old crap, and the populace will say, “Weuull hey, yer know? Fuck it, dey’re de govament right? They muss know what they’re at, huh?”

The strategy here is blindingly obvious: whether Maxwell is suicided or homicided – all the bases are covered, and every doubter can be referred to previous “news” that suggested this might happen. So stop being a space-cadet conspiranoid nutjob and move on.

Well, this next bit you’ll have to take on trust. The New York source I have who first alerted me to the Dominic Strauss-Kahn caper nine years ago has made a few things clear to me in the last 48 hours.

First up, there are no signs at all in Maxwell’s current mental state of any desire to inflict self-harm. And second, the prison assassins story “is pure baloney….total invention”. Which brings us neatly to the masked balls-up that is the latest chapter in the Covid19 saga.

This is so bonkers, one doesn’t know where to start. The headline to your left says ‘Covid19 mask: get ready’ – against a backdrop of the entire globe wearing a mask….just in case you were in any doubt.

The para below left adds illogically, “faced with the relaxation of rules for the French, the question of obligatory wearing of masks comes back to the fore”. It leads us onto page 2, where we read that ‘the symbolic milestone of 30,000 dead has coincided with the French Health department observing a new rise in the circulation of the virus (Really? Where is it?) and revealing its fear of a Second Wave’. (Based on what?) Back to the front page: ‘There are small signs throughout Europe of a renewed vigour of Covid 19’. In Spain. Very small signs. And then the third para says that the president of the French Medical Academy thinks the “question of a return to everyone wearing masks is something we’re obliged to take”. He just, um, doesn’t tell us why.

I think that some reminders are needed here. We have known forever that simple fabric masks allow air in around the sides, and lack non-woven, moisture-repelling layers to keep out droplets the size of Covid. Impeding as they do only 2% of airflow, they are 98% ineffective.

We the People do not, overall, have any access to properly made masks (the so-called N95) as used by frontline hospital doctors – nor in fact do most GPs. One confided in me last week, “I don’t wear one – they’re pointless….it’s like using a goal net to catch an anchovy”.

My father was a cloth merchant, so I know something about fabric weft and weave. The masks on general sale are at level 21/13….with only two layers. An airborne virus would sail through it.

This morning I was horrified to learn that the Johnson Administration is heading for obligatory masks in shops. In the US, Fauci is on the TV every other day saying Second Wave this and new surge that.

You may wonder why I keep on putting these two stories together, but the reason is very simple: both involve the Unelected State busy at the creation of what the slithering reptile Tony Blair calls “the New Normal”: a world in which cod science, the justification of murder, fearmongering lies and making money at the expense of The People are used to concentrate global power hegemony over and and all opposition.

Blair should know: he and Dubya invented the myth of WOMD, and their equally unworthy successors have continued the trend with Global Warming models, pandemic models, Clinton slaughter-houses, Uncle Tom Presidents, State Pension embezzement dissembling, Brussels technocracy, Brexit betrayal, Elite sexual depravity, Bourse crime and now the demonisation of a virus on course to kill 0.0064% of humanity.

This isn’t new….but the level of inhuman abnormality most decidedly is.

This post is dedicated to the memory of one of the last great American heroes

“I have one simple rule with the Government…..I don’t believe a word they say – not one fucking word”

George Carlin, 1937 – 2008

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