For the first time, the Covid / Vaccine narrative is beginning to collapse

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by Ron_Renfield_MD

One of the more odd happenings of late is the jumbled-up talking points and narrative the MSM / Govt / CDC is presenting.

They are actually publishing stories that admit the Covid vaccine doesn’t really work and that high-vaccinated countries or states are seeing “mysterious rise” in cases (without explicitly linking the sickness to the vaccines directly, they are implying, at least, the vaccines are not working).

What’s even more astonishing is that the Pro-vaxx crowd is actually contradicting the CDC and MSM at this point when they proclaim the “vaccines are safe and effective”. Not even their own precious propaganda organs agree on that anymore!

We hear a ton of contradictory information being pumped out. Dr. Fauci says they don’t work and they’re “dangerous” then says we need boosters, and so on.

What’s even more bizarre is that while they are highlighting increase disease and sickness, they are not linking it directly to Covid-19. The Covid-19 fear-mongering seems to have tampered off, in favor of a more broad admonition that people are just “filling up hospitals” and we are seeing the word “mystery” or “mysterious” used in lieu of Covid-19, which is truly strange to me.

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There are still stories to be found bashing the “unvaccinated” but the push against the non-vaxxed has not been quite as aggressive as expected, or in some cases it has been so over the top aggressive, it has been panned or criticized.

We are also seeing many, many reports of the vaccine-injured, some making their way into the MSM. We are seeing more vocal reports of these injuries than ever before.

Comment sections are increasingly anti-vaxx if not overwhelmingly so. The pro-vaxx crowd looks shrill, small, diminished, pathetic, utterly illogical and uninformed, ignorant, sometimes vindictive, petty, hateful, and they are being drown-out by an ever-increasing chorus of skeptics who are not buying the narrative.

My feeling is we are winning, on some level. Not in a broad sense, but the conversation is favoring us. The dimwits pushing the fraud have lost the plot.

Many, many will die, many ARE dying, who received either a moderate or high dose of the mRNA… and enough people are starting to put two and two together.

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It’s hard to know what the “plan” is at this point, because at this rate, they will not win.


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