For those unaware of the hunter Biden story which is being censored here’s a quick breakdown of most likely events as far as I understand them.

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by FringeCenterPodcast

Hunter Biden spilled water on his laptop.

He took it to a Delaware pc shop.

He forgot about it.

The shop owner tried contacting him multiple times and couldn’t reach him. Hunter was possibly in rehab during this time.

On the laptop we’re emails from hunter to Ukrainian authorities. This was during the Obama presidency and joe Biden was in charge of US Ukrainian policy.

Hunter was trying to setup a meeting with him, his dad and Ukrainian officials.

He was asking for more money from burisma a due to his connections to his dad who was again, determining Ukrainian policy.

There are apparently also pictures of him doing drugs and possibly more damning pictures and videos.

But the dangerous material so far are the corruption related emails showing that likely he and his father were trying to use their name and position to get paid.

On top of that they were trying to make deals with Chinese companies.

The pc shop owner was trying to sell the laptop to media agencies.

From my understanding if a pc owner does not recover their pc after a certain time it essentially becomes property of the shop, but I could be wrong.

The FBI catches wind of this possibly illicit content on the laptop and asks for it.

The shop owner takes an image of the hard drive aka makes a copy of all the data.

He then gives the physical laptop to the FBI in December of 2019.

Around the same time Rudy Giuliani is given the pc shop owners copy/image of the hard drive.

They hold on to the info for an 2020 October surprise and sell it at some point very recently to the New York Post.

The New York Times also reports on the info.

Then as the story is blowing up, Facebook publicly says it will “slow down the sharing” of the story across its platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)

And twitter literally disabled links to the NYP and NYT articles.

As this censorship is discovered, Twitter mysteriously has outages.

Yet today the only thing about the story allowed to trend on Twitter is a trump retweet of Babylon bee, a satire site.

This is clear evidence of corruption that is being censored on behalf of the Biden campaign by far left big tech companies.

This is a clear as day conspiracy and people need to wake up.

This doesn’t mean Biden is the only corrupt politician, they’re all corrupt.

But this is out in the open and has solid evidence.



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