Foreign Investors Sold A RECORD Amount of U.S. Debt!

When you see something hitting a RECORD level, you need to pay attention. But of course, there are trends. There are going to be instances where things go out of whack from month to month. It happens. But seeing a trend is very telling. What do you think is going on here?

In a turn of events, it looks like foreign investors have sold off a record amount of US treasuries. There has never been this many sold off in a month. It was certainly unusual to see, however, we will need to track the progress over the next few months to see the trend. Should this continue, eventually the Fed will have to monetize even more U.S. debt which will be very harmful to the U.S. dollar. What’s really going on?

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Foreign investors sold a record amount of Treasuries in December

UPDATE 1-Foreign selling of U.S. Treasuries in December hits record high -data | Reuters

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United States Net Purchases of US Treasury Bonds and Notes | 2019 | Data

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