Former Blackrock Manager: The Fed Is Trapped, New Monetary System Coming!

May 22, 2022

109 Year Old Ponzi Scheme

Meet Ed Dowd.

He’s a former Blackrock Portfolio Manager who recently went on Steve Bannon’s War Room Podcast to talk about the economy.

He dropped several bombshells that will affect each and every one of us… very soon.

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Let’s start here with this first clip:

Edward Dowd: “You just have to understand that the central bankers and politicians have bankrupted the world, and a lot of the things you’re going to see in the media are distractions to cover that. And COVID was a convenient excuse to cover the implosion of the credit system. So a lot of things you see in the news are distractions. This recent monkeypox nonsense; they’re going to try to gin it up, and I suspect they’re going to try to lock down the economy right before the elections.”

“You have to also think about what’s happened with the vaccines and the excess mortality. A lot of [bad] people, if the GOP takes powers, are going to go to jail, and if you’re a criminal, you’re not going to let the elections go off without you giving it a shot to rig them.”

This next one is where it really gets good…

Or perhaps not “good” but he really lays it all out.

1). Deflation of assets
2.) Out of control inflation
3.) Supply chain breakdowns
4.) Green New Deal policies that fail to address pressing issues.


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