Former MBA Grad Launches Telemedicine Startup for Pet Parents

The healthcare industry is scaling up with the help of technology. This is a trend that can be observed not only in conventional medicine but also in other branches of the industry. The latest addition to the trend is My Virtual Veterinarian, a portal designed for pet owners who want the best veterinary services to their beloved pets.

My Virtual Veterinarian is not just another portal. Aside from specializing in veterinary care, the portal also streamlines a lot of steps in the existing processes within the industry itself, including receiving house visits from veterinarians. Launched by a former MBA graduate, My Virtual Veterinarian is the telemedicine startup for pet parents.

Vet Services in 3 Steps

  • The app itself is incredibly simple, plus it is backed by an equally simple workflow. To gain access to veterinarians near you, you simply need to download the iOS app. Once installed, the app allows you to see a list of veterinarians available, including their pricing and availability.
  • Booking an appointment is a unique experience. Rather than checking the availability of vets before you can make an appointment, you simply need to define your own availability and the app will do the hard work for you.
  • What the app does is match your schedules with that of the veterinarian of your choice. A confirmation email is then sent once a matching schedule is determined. At the given schedule, you can join the teleconference from the app.

Keep in mind that My Virtual Veterinarian is also available as a web app, which means it can be accessed via a standard browser. In the confirmation email, you will also receive a link that allows you to join a meeting with the vet of your choice.

Simplicity at Its Best

My Virtual Veterinarian won its first entrepreneurship competition and received $30,000 in cash prize alongside $15,000 worth of accounting, legal, and strategy services. Felicity Johnson, the person behind this brilliant app, leveraged the winnings to grow the company further.

Being an MBA graduate, Johnson was able to structure the business in a lean and effective way. My Virtual Veterinarian also solves a problem that many pet owners face on a regular basis, which is why the app was so popular in such a short period of time.

Being founded in 2019, My Virtual Veterinarian grew rapidly with regulation on its side. The FDA recently relaxed several regulations governing veterinary practice and services in this industry.

“The FDA suspended regulations that required vets to establish a client-patient relationship before practicing telemedicine,” according to Johnson. 

The change in regulation gave her app the boost it needs to penetrate a wider market.

A Growing Industry

Telemedicine grants access to good veterinary services, allowing pet owners to keep their pets healthy and active without having to worry about health concerns.

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Such a huge market is under-explored. Most telemedicine apps focus on human patients and general healthcare services. My Virtual Veterinarian is among the first to penetrate the industry. It is now positioned as a potential leader.

As a business model, Johnson allows vets to use the app for free. This brings more veterinarians to the platform and enables more pet parents to find their favorite vets. On the other hand, the app charges an appointment fee to patients and the platform keeps 30% on average.

The solid business model is also the result of Johnson’s experience whilst completing her MBA course. Good understanding of business models, a better view of the market, and her business predicaments certainly bear fruit in this case.

Opportunity for MBA Graduates

My Virtual Veterinarian and Johnson’s success in launching the platform to a wider audience are signs that an MBA degree is still among the most valuable degree to have. With the education market shifting towards online degrees, online MBA programs are now getting a lot of attention.

There are several top programs leading the market. If you look at the best online MBA programs in California, you will find top names such as the University of Redlands making their courses available to a wider audience.

The University of Redlands hosts an extensive array of MBA programs with concentrations such as finance and marketing being made available. The entire course is conducted online, so expect to see more MBA graduates creating headlines with their success stories in the near future.

In the meantime, be sure to check out My Virtual Veterinarian to learn more about how you can book an appointment and see a veterinarian virtually.



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