Fortune Magazine: “The Economy is shitty because your attitude is shitty.” (Zero mention of fuel or food costs skyrocketing)

by squaremild

Gas prices may be hitting record highs but it’s not stopping Fortune Magazine from gaslighting America. These people are out of touch with reality.

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“Peter Atwater, an adjunct professor of economics at William & Mary, told Fortune that if consumer sentiment continues to fall, it could cause Americans to pull back on their spending, leading to a sort of self-fulfilling recessionary prophecy.”

guess what? people are watching prices break records and shortages emptying shelves. THAT is what is causing “consumer confidence” to falter. no magic attitude adjustment is going to fix the failed policies which began in early 2020 (lockdowns, paying people to not work, printing countless trillions without goods or services to back that up, etc.)



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