Fox News Will Not Survive Without Tucker

by Chris Black

People have always claimed if he got fired he’d be Bill O’Reilly II, but I think in his case his audience will follow him to wherever he goes next.

Around four or five years ago, a person I knew who worked at Fox was telling me that the Murdochs were dying to replace Tucker with Ben Shapiro, but were too afraid to take the business risk. 

As bad as Tucker has gotten last three years, the primetime slot will be filled by something infinitely more awful.

This is good for us. 

Tucker is a formidable political competitor.

 Hannity and Shapiro are not.

Biggest crime you can commit on the American right is having an IQ above room temperature. 

Tucker tried to fix this in the last two years by lowering his shows editorial standards considerably. 

He started promoting actual fake news he believed the boomers in his audience wanted to hear about the 2020 election, covid, farm fires, etc. which has unfortunately hurt his journalistic credibility.

Only way for Fox to survive without Tucker is to replace him with BS (Ben Shapiro) or something similar and get billionaire investors to pump up their stock.

I suspect they have already made these arrangements behind closed doors.

President Greenblatt (the master of the world) always wins. 

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He beat Elon, the richest man on Earth.  He beat Kanye, the most popular Black celebrity.

  Almost exactly two years ago, he demanded FOX fire Tucker (the most popular TV host in the world) over the Great Replacement.

The Dominion lawsuit was just the excuse they needed to finally carry out the decision.

 Why would FOX react to losing money in a lawsuit by firing their #1 cash cow?  

No one goes up against Greenblatt and wins, ever.

Sean Hannity promoted Trump election fraud hoaxes much more aggressively than Tucker, yet he didn’t get fired.

The Dominion lawsuit isn’t why Tucker got axed. 

Fox wants to go back to its pre-Trump depoliticized form. 

Cheerlead all the ZOG wars, rail against “SOCIALISM,” and gossip about leading DemonRat politicians and their family members. 

Tucker made the mistake of occasionally bringing people on with something intelligent to say about culture, society and politics.

One of many reasons to take Tucker off the air. 

How many young white men didn’t join the gay African Zionist expeditionary force because of Tucker’s negative coverage of both the anti-white Pentagon and US military aggression abroad?

If you ask me, Tucker’s firing is mostly about the deradicalization of the legacy media, thus forcing all media under lock-step for a major event, whether WW3 with Russia/China, invasion of Taiwan, and/or 2024 election rigging.



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