France Is NOT Free! – Government Restricts Speech On The Streets Of Paris

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Josh Sigurdson reports from the streets of Paris, France as a street preacher is told he cannot speak in a public square! We then confront the officials to ask why only to be told we cannot film. This is government in a nutshell folks. They want subservience and as long as we allow them that honor, we perpetuate the problem.
We refused to submit to their demands and continued to film. We spoke with one of the men preaching and broke down the issue at hand in Paris as Yellow Vests continue to take to the streets and Macron demands an end to it.
The state only benefits from the subservience of the masses, but the state is but a shadow on the wall that is only given power by the blind belief in their so-called power. It does not have to be. People can break free from this restriction of free will, even if around 1% of people did so. That 1% of people would still cause the whole inefficient system to fall.



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