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Le Parisien headline:

Act 19 of the Yellow Vests: this time the government has no right to making any mistake.

As the Yellow Vests are once again preparing to demonstrate this Saturday, the executive has implemented a device to try to avoid even more scenes of urban guerrilla warfare.

Saturday of all dangers. A week after the images of a Paris fire and blood , the executive, which seemed totally overwhelmed by events on March 16 , knows it: he no longer has the right to make mistakes. “The French are demanding on public order, and they are right,” says Matignon. “Last week, the device failed . Today, our only concern is that security is assured, “adds the Elysee.

Smoke on the water (la Seine) and fire in the sky!

Will the protesters enter the “forbbidden zone”?


Act 19: Yellow Vests are not discouraged despite the government bannings

Prohibited sectors, deployment of Operation Sentinel … A week after a mobilization marked by damage and looting on the Champs-Elysees Avenue, Yellow Vests intend to still beat the pavement on March 23.

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RT France Live – will start at 11.00 AM CET

The troops will be redeployed from the “Sentinelle” anti-terror operation during this weekend’s protests to secure government buildings and other sites.

If someone missed last protest, there are plenty of videos you can find. This is summary:

French army receives authorization to shoot “yellow vest” protesters

Yesterday, the governor of the Paris military district told France Info that soldiers of the Operation Sentinel counter-terror mission had been authorized to fire today on the “yellow vests.” Asked about whether soldiers were capable of carrying out law enforcement duties, General Bruno Le Ray replied: “Our orders are sufficiently clear that we do not need to be worried at all. The soldiers’ rules of engagement will be fixed very rigorously.”

“They will have different means for action faced with all types of threats,” he continued. “That can go as far as opening fire.”

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Le Ray added that soldiers will have the same rules of engagement for shooting protesters as those for gunning down terrorism suspects inside France: “They will deliver warnings. This has happened in the past, as in (attacks at) the Louvre or at Orly. They are perfectly able to assess the nature of the threat and to respond proportionally.”

These threats against a protest movement against social inequality that is largely peaceful must be taken as a warning by workers and youth not only in France but internationally. As mass protests and strikes erupting outside the control of the union bureaucracies spread across the world, the military and security agencies of the financial aristocracy are preparing to carry out ruthless repression. Even in countries like France with long bourgeois-democratic traditions, they are rapidly moving towards military-police dictatorship.


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