Fred Hickey On ‘Keeping Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs’

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by jessefelder

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For over 35 years now, Fred Hickey has consistently performed in-depth research into a wide variety of individual stocks and what drives them over the full market cycle. What’s more, during that entire span he’s distilled his findings into concise and actionable research for subscribers to his newsletter, The High Tech Strategist. In the process, he’s earned a reputation among loyal readers for being both a beacon of true value at times of market opportunity and a voice of reason during periods of overzealous speculation. In this conversation, Fred discusses the recent mania in the markets, how it compares to similar episodes of the past and what those have to teach us about how the current decline in stock prices might unfold in the months ahead. Below are a few notes and links related to this episode:

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