FREE SPEECH ALERT: DHS Setting up New ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

by Boo_Randy

Well this is creepy AF. The Brandon regime, which lies to us non-stop, is setting up its own Orwellian Ministry of Truth to combat “disinformation.” The novel “1984” wasn’t meant to be an instruction manual for these totalitarians.

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The ink isn’t even dry on Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter and make speech free again, and the authoritarians in the Biden administration are nakedly acting to lock down the flow of information. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is creating a new agency called the Disinformation Governance Board.

Why would a DHS program focus solely on “irregular migration and Russia”? Are there no other threats to the homeland about which someone might mislead us? Or are these just the most politically dangerous narratives for the Left to lose control over?


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