Freespoke – It’s the best search out there for getting the results devoid of bullshit like Google manipulation.

from their About Page:

A Search Engine for the Heart of America


We exist because the search results you’re looking for shouldn’t be buried on page 6, if they’re allowed to appear at all.

Google, Amazon, and Facebook have too much power over the information we see. We can hardly search, buy a product, or send a message without their influence. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the world as they want us to see it, not the way it actually is.

We are the search alternative for the folks who believe the heart of America deserves a voice. One that does not pander to the overly sensitive. One that believes the rights and liberties our nation was founded on are worth protecting.

what I like is they give you ALL results and will flag them as Left or Right perspectives.

That’s what freedom of choice is all about.

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They do not serve up blatant propaganda and narratives while burying the results that you seek.

They have a whole section on censored stories:

I have been using them for a little bit now and they are better than Google.

So instead of saying ‘Google that’ say ‘Freespoke that’

There are alternatives to the evil empire and we should all be using them.

Here is a write-up about the CEO Todd Ricketts who is also co-owner of the Chicago Cubs.

IMO he is doing this because there is big money in Big Data and he is doing it the way it is supposed to be done.

Give Freespoke a chance.

h/t Jack Eye

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