Freight Rates About to Go Through the Roof Warns Top Shipper

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by Chris Black

Everything went parabolic led by FED balance sheet, so that’s not abnormal. This from Bloomberg:

“I think rates can go higher from here,” Wobensmith said. “You do get to a point, and you’ve seen this in containers, where you hit a certain utilization rate, and you start to go parabolic on rates. I think we’re getting close to that period.”

It would take 50 years to regain American industry. First you have to build schools and train teachers, when the kids grow up and complete their degree in metallurgy electrical engineering you will once again have the skills to compete, if you do something about the dollar.

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You can destroy an industry really quickly, but rebuilding it takes decades and lots of money, and determination.

The paranoid, delusional, psychopathic, control freaks that temporarily run this cesspool are going to continue to up the prices of everything through every means and lie and mismanagement possible in order to squeeze as many in the World as possible financially. This is the early stages of the psychopaths playing hunger games with the World. Since the entire gang is so grossly criminally negligent, incompetent and complicit in these activities it’s past time for others that can run things faster, better, cheaper and more effectively to replace the hierarchy.



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