French people got CONNED: the fuel carbon tax NOT SCRAPPED

Damn those sneaky globalists ! Hope the French people are smart enough to see that they got conned.

So, first, the French government said that the tax will be delayed/postponed for 6 months. Clearly that would not have worked…so, why did they announced it?

Well, because announcing afterwards that they would scrap it, will have the intended impact. Especially because the Main Stream Media TITLES were exclusively “TAX SCRAPPED”, without mentioning the ACTUAL TRUTH :

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The carbon fuel tax is scrapped FOR THE FISCAL YEAR OF 2019 only !

In other words, DELAYED for 1 year, instead 6 months.

I think they rushed with this so-called “scrapped tax” announcement. There is plenty of time for French people to actually see that the tax was scrapped only for the 2019 fiscal year, and won’t stop the protests until Macron is gone.

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This tactic by the French government and MSM is directed at the public opinion, which generally read just a title, with the intent of lowering the yellow vests support among the public.

Hopefully there is enough time for everyone to understand that the tax is only scrapped for 2019.



h/t recollector


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