French Protesters Put Americans to Shame

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by Daniel Carter

Political tensions are clearly getting out of control in the Western world. Whether it’s the topic of Trump, Brexit, the EU, Kavanaugh, taxes, Russia, Mueller, Syria, the wall, etc., people are becoming quicker to lose their minds. Logic, reason and truth have fallen by the wayside, while irrationality, rage and narrative dominate the minds of the masses.

Much of the division in the Western world can be split into two main groups: nationalists and globalists. Of course, there are many other divisions that are prominent (liberal vs. conservative, modernist vs. post-modernist, socialist vs. capitalist, anti-war vs. neocon, libertarian vs. authoritarian, etc.) but this article will mostly focus on the divide between nationalists and globalists, for the sake of simplicity.

The nationalists want to focus on issues at home, while the globalists want to focus on world issues. The nationalists want borders, while most of the globalists want porous or completely open borders. The nationalists want to wind down Western military operations in the Middle East, while the globalists want the West (particularly the US) to continue to police the world. The nationalists feel that Western culture is virtuous, while the globalists feel that Western culture is oppressive.

Nowhere has the division between nationalists and globalists been more pronounced than in France. As an American, I must admit that the French put any of our anti-establishment movements to shame. Freedom and a high amount of disrespect for authority is in our DNA. Yet, the French are the people fighting for freedom and sovereignty.

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In America, powerless people are turned against other powerless people. Think of all the Antifa vs. Proud Boys brawls that happened last year. What do those people get if they win? Most of them have no power or wealth. Think about the Covington Catholic boys that were falsely accused of bigotry, and the leftist mobs that went after them. For the most part (excluding the large media companies), both sides are powerless. There are countless other examples of the US masses being turned against each other in recent years.

Not the French. Yes, there has been political divide between the masses in the recent past. But they are now firmly united against a powerful enemy. More importantly, the French understand the power dynamics of their society, which most Americans do not.

Last week, the French protesters (Yellow Vests) attempted to cause a bank run to punish the large, globalist financial institutions. How many Americans are even aware that banks are the most powerful institutions in the world?

Here are the Yellow Vests breaking through the doors of the Ministry of Finance and Economy:

Most Americans don’t know what their government departments are, let alone what the Federal Reserve is.

Here’s another video that illustrates the intelligence of the French Protesters:

While Antifa morons run through the streets attacking innocent people and businesses, the French collectively coordinate to make sure people in need can get help.

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And here’s a video that shows their tenacity and disdain for authority:

Americans so easily bow down to authority these days, even though, for most of our history, it was viewed as a weakness to give authority too much respect.

Sadly, the French embody enlightenment values more than Americans. What happened to our thirst for freedom? What happened to our collective intelligence? What happened to our persistent questioning of authority? Are all those things gone for good, or are we just temporarily lost?


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