FREUDIAN SLIP: “For a long time we had to say no to sharpies because the bleed through would impact the vote.” – Maricopa County Elections, Arizona – Nov 4, 2020


A stunning admission from a Maricopa County elections officer

The Arizona Attorney General is investigating Maricopa County for forcing voters to use sharpie markers on ballots which were not being counted by optical scanners.

In person voters were forced to use a sharpie marker that could nullify their vote. Absentee voters were instructed to ONLY use a ball point pen, not sharpies.

If claims are accurate then it means Division of Election employees tested various marking pens and identified a flaw in the optical scanner.

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This is possible.

Let’s say a particular brand of pen when used is only registered by an optical scanner 7 out of 10 attempts during tabulation. That means 30% of the vote is not counted.

Now if those faulty pens are only distributed in certain precincts with a history of voting for a particular party you could suppress the vote of an opponent in a state or federal election.. The ballots are technically there for a recount, (unless destroyed months later)

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