From a contact who is an air traffic controller

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From a contact who is an air traffic controller:

1. @SouthwestAir
cancellations & delays are 100% a vaccine mandate protests (which you already knew)

2. Employee protests of other airlines are planned

3. If enforced, ATC vaccine mandates likely to disrupt air traffic globally

Around 800+ FAA controllers will not get the vaccine. ATC is not a job where you can train people quickly (1-2 years).

(Palmer Report)

This attempt by unvaccinated Southwest airline employees at crippling U.S. air travel is the latest reminder that it’s a very short distance from anti-vaxxer to domestic terrorist.

Being an air traffic controller takes very intense training and ability to to react to critical situations in an instant. Highly stressful job. Controllers train for many years to qualify for the job, and only around 1% of applicants make it through to qualify.

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