From A Landlords Perspective On Rent Payments

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by AC

I have been a landlord of 4 rental homes in Orlando FL.
I work very hard for my tenants to give them a beautiful safe place to live. All my tenents have paid me on time.
I have been doing this over 15 years. Most older tenants are more trust worthy than the younger people.

I have my tenants write 12 prepaid checks for the year.
If they bounce the checks it could be sent to the State Attorneys Office for prosecution.

If I have to evict it takes approx 30 days with a cost of about $300 dollars. If you are ever evicted it will show up on your background credit report no matter what state you are coming from. Most landlords pull credit reports before
renting to a new tenant and will not rent to a previous eviction. Yes some landlords will rent to people with credit problems but it cost more and will not be nice comfortable safe place to live.

People forget the landlord must pay property taxes ,insurance , HOA fees, Maintance fees, management fees, and is responsible for everything else that goes wrong.



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